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Why Should Study Aviation Now

Back in the day, humans were able to ‘fly’ with balloons filled with hot air or gas. After a few decades, the Wright Brothers developed an aircraft called The Wright Flyers. After another ten years, designers surpassed the Wright Flyers by designing flying boats, passenger aircraft, and today’s observation platforms with radios and telegraphs. Today, we see more advanced and sophisticated techniques in aviation, thanks to the constant improvement in this industry.

With a career in the Aviation industry- who knows what new breakthroughs you can discover when you get this degree.

Why should you study Aviation?

This degree will teach you a lot of things and not just how to fly a plane. You will get to learn everything that is related to aviation but also the main subjects such as marketing, economics, and finance. The subjects that are related to aviation would be engineering, the airlines, and even how to fly a plane.

Aviation schools have really good relationships with different airports, therefore you will learn about the way every airline works. Do you know what the coolest part is? You actually get to go to the airport to see the work process there, the pilots will give lecturers, tips and advice about aviation and the aircraft. Besides the learning parts, there is a practical part. You will work for a few weeks in an airport where you start at 9 am and finish at 5 pm. The numerous training sessions will prepare you for the numerous career opportunities in this industry.

What are the skills you need?

Communication Skills You will be engaged with a lot of clients daily and therefore it is very important that your verbal communication skills are good as well as the written and listening part.

Critical thinking You need to be critical and able to recognize a problem to solve it. No one is going to solve that for you.

Command and Authority You don’t have time to hesitate. Be a good leader and be confident in the actions you take. This is mandatory if you want to make your passengers feel and experience a safe flight.

Planning Before a flight, pilots check and analyse it carefully. If something is odd during the flight, they will analyse to improve it in that particular area.

What are the jobs I can get with this degree?

Airline Ticket agent These agents are the so-called Ground Stewardesses. You will have a lot of contact with customers at the airport. There are a few departments where Ground Stewardesses can work; counters for departures, arrivals, luggage, check-ins and reservations.

Flight Attendant Flight attendants work during the flight. So they travel with the passengers to the destination to ensure that the passengers are safe and comfortable. Customer service is very important. Airline Pilot An airline pilot will fly the passengers from one place to another. As an airline pilot, you and the other flight attendants will ensure the passengers of their safety and comfort. Make sure your physical health is steady when applying for this job! Financial Analyst A financial analyst understands the companies that have been invested in and how it affects their own company. They investigate the long- and short term impact of those investments. This type of analyst studies trends, demographics and other factors that could contribute to the company’s success. Software Engineer A software engineer is actually important in almost every job. They will create new software working with designers, developers, programmers and coders. They work on small functions that will become bigger if it is combined together.