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Study Accounting

Are you good with numbers and have strong analytical skills? Can you keep in mind many details while being a big-picture thinker? If you’re thinking about building a career in business, an Accounting degree might be just right for you.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Check out our new guide about an accounting career in Malaysia.

What is Accounting all about?

Accounting has been referred to as the “Language of Business” and for good reason. Accounting involves the communication and interpretation of complex financial data that is easily understood by all parties.

As an accountant, you will deal with a lot of data. You’ll have to collect, sort, store, analyze and present your findings in an understandable manner to the company management and offer solutions that will benefit the business. It’s a very practical skill to have.

Imagine having to budget what you spend as a college student - tuition fees, food, lodging, entertainment, social life, etc. You have to make sure that your expenses do not exceed your inflow of money.

Think you could do that?

Every business has to deal with hundreds of financial reports and endless lists full of numbers. An accountant would be the go-to person when it comes to any financial questions.

These are the kind of questions that the accountant in the company might ask:

How effective are we spending money? How could we cut costs and increase our ROI (return on investment)? What can we do to optimize our cash flow? Becoming a professional accountant would involve analyzing financial reports/numbers and translating all that data into usable information for decision making.

What are the major fields of the Accounting course?

You will learn about these fields of accounting while pursuing your degree.

1 Financial Accounting - Tracking and analyzing day-to-day financial transactions with the help of standardized procedures. Presenting data in financial reports, including preparation for a company's public financial statements.

2. Management Accounting - Providing information about customer behaviours, costs of manufacturing, pricing policies, and budgeting. Management accountants focus on helping managers make the best financial decisions, providing them with detailed reports and forecasts for a company’s management.

3. Tax Accounting - Working with government tax policies and the Internal Revenue Code that regulates companies & individuals procedures when preparing tax returns. Commonly Tax Accounting is focused on limiting the tax obligation as much as possible.

4. Audit - Working with the inspection and evaluation of a company’s financial accounts. Auditing is an independent, objective examination that can identify financial mismanagement and how to improve it.

During your studies as an accounting major, you will be learning a lot from all of these specializations. So after graduation, you will be prepared to choose a specific area to work in.

What will you study for an Accounting degree?

You will be studying everything related to accounting, finance and business in general, some of which include: