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Agriculture And Related Subjects

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the world. Where do you think milk, cheese, flour and even animals come from? From the agrarian sector, of course.

Countries such as Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and as well as the United States, are just a few of the major players in this industry. According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, in 2013, it was estimated that there are one billion people employed in the agricultural sector.

As the demand for supplies, especially for food are on the rise due to the ever-increasing population in the world, the Agriculture industry needs more manpower than ever. If you love production, technology, and food then you might want to keep reading!

What is Agriculture?

Agriculture is an economic sector that delivers food and resources. There are different kinds of agriculture:

  • Farming Farming is the growing of crops and other plants by putting seeds in the ground.

  • Horticulture Horticulture includes the growing of fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees and much more!

  • Cattle-breeding Cattle breeding is the propagation of cows to produce calves. These calves are either sold or kept for own use.

  • Fishery Fishery is catching fish and other sea creatures in the ocean to sell. The ten largest fish producing countries in the worlds are China, Peru, India, Indonesia, USA, Chile, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Russia.

  • Forestry This is the management of forests that include planting and maintaining trees.

Why should you study Agriculture?

World Population Growth According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the world population will increase and reach 10 billion by 2050. This means the production needs to grow as well. Therefore, a new agriculture generation is needed as most of the current agriculture employers and managers will be retired by 2050.

Agricultural Technology Development If you think about technology in the agricultural sector, think about engineering, computer sciences, agricultural devices, sensors and systems that can grow safer foods for a lower price and increase worker safety. With these technologies, crop productivity will grow so fast and the use of water and pesticides will decrease. How great is that?

Diversity Agriculture has different sectors as mentioned before. There will come a time during the course of this degree where students have to choose one of these sectors and continue the course from this point. So there is definitely a lot of career opportunities for you.

What are the skills you need?

  • Project Management Leadership is an important aspect here, but that’s not all. You need to be good at negotiations and have a sense of critical thinking.

  • Planning and Conducting Research Research is a necessity, especially if you own a company. People’s needs change and you need to find out about their new demands.

  • Team Work You will learn how to listen, question, help, share, participate, and respect each other as you and your team come up with new inventions to help improve the system.

  • Leadership As a leader, you need to be good at making decisions, solving problems, keep motivating your employees, and being positive.

  • Professional Communication You will know how to use written and verbal communication in an effective way so that you can persuade your clients.

What are the Jobs I can get with this degree?

  • Farm management You will be responsible for the crops or animal production.

  • Research & Development related jobs This mostly deals with analysing, improving, testing and developing a product.

  • Operations manager This manager takes care of the costs, oversee different departments in the company, and make decisions regarding promotions and hiring.

  • Office manager ​Your communication skills need to be outstanding and you will be responsible for all employees, projects, and activities.