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Get solid advice from us!

Our team of advisors will guide you with suitable recommendations

Our expert advisors can help sort out your accommodation and getting around the city.

We organize everything for you, including supporting documents, application form and offer letter.

Good grades? Our advisors will match you with an institution that offers you the best scholarship.

What is our value?

Our value is YOU!


We help YOU save Money, because all of our service is FREE


We help YOU save Extra Miles, because you don’t need to go direct to the university


We help YOU save Energy, because you don’t need to go to the university to apply


We help YOU save Time, because all of our services is done in timely manners


And finally it will be the time when we finally MEET YOU!

Here are the steps to how it works

Easy steps

Click here and fill up your contacts and answer the questionnaire for us to get to know your skill and your learning characteristics.

Once you are done with the questionnaire, we will get in touch with you and give you a FREE counselling session through WhatsApp or Google Meet.

Additionally, we will give you a departure briefing to prepare you for your university life.

We help you through application, enrolment and visa application.

Once you know which university to go to, we help you to translate & submit the documents.

Did we mention that all the our services is FREE?

Yes, it is all FREE OF CHARGE!

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