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Foundation Studies is better understood as a preparatory course to prepare you for the degree programme. Tertiary education will be a lot different from what you have been used to in school and Foundation Studies will help you to adapt yourself before you commit to pursuing a degree later on. While some of you may already know exactly what you want to pursue after leaving secondary school, others may still be weighing a few options that they should go for.

Why should you take Foundation in Arts?

(1) One of the quickest paths to enter degree studies

Foundation programmes are normally a faster track to your degree, and a Foundation in Arts is no exception. You will only need to spend one year in foundation, before immediately proceed to your choice of undergraduate degree. Instead of spending more time doing a pre-university programme like A-Level with a longer duration, Foundation in Arts is not a bad choice at all.

(2) Gives you a chance to explore different pathways

As part of the Foundation in Arts course, most universities will recommend certain elective subjects for certain degrees. So if you’re looking to study Business, they may recommend that you take up modules like Accounting, Economics and Finance.

However, you may also get the opportunity to sneak in an additional elective or two. Fascinated in Psychology or maybe Design? If the university offers it, take up subjects related to those majors and who knows, you may find yourself changing your mind and switching your choice of degree!

(3) Universities typically offer better financial aid & more affordable fees

Universities tend to be more generous in offering financial aid or partial scholarships to foundation students, compared to students opting for pre-university courses. Some will even offer discounts for both your foundation AND your degree (depending on your SPM results) provided that you complete both courses at the same institution. Usually, tuition fees for foundation will be lower compared to a pre-university course at the same university.


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