Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves including the human body.

Mechanical engineers learn about materials, statics and dynamics, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, control engineering, industrial engineering, instrumentation and design. It also covers designing and manufacturing everything from small individual parts to large systems such as airplanes and spacecraft.

Mechanical engineering is perhaps the broadest and most diverse engineering discipline as it will require you to learn skills for everything that is made.


  • STPM - Minimum 2 Principal Passes (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • A-Level - Minimum 2 Principal Passes (D) (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • UEC - Minimum 5Bs (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • Diploma - Minimum CGPA of 2.00

  • Matriculation / Foundation - Minimum CGPA 2.00

  • Other Qualifications - Any other qualifications recognized equivalent

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