Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management

Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management


The Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management prepares individuals for supervisory positions as catering and events managers, kitchen managers and dining room managers. This three- or four-year program is taught at vocational schools, culinary schools and universities. Students enter the program as freshmen at some schools, but other schools may require applicants to have an associate's degree in culinary arts. Some programs, such as those offered at private culinary schools, also require students to have food service experience. An internship at a restaurant may also be required.


  • STPM - Minimum 2 Principal Passes (C)

  • A-Level - Minimum 2 Principal Passes 

  • UEC - Minimum 5Bs

  • Diploma - Minimum CGPA of 2.50. Applicants with CGPA above 2.00 may apply for admission pending internal assessment

  • Matriculation / Foundation - Minimum CGPA of 2.00 

  • Other Qualifications - Any other qualifications recognized equivalent

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