Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering


This programme will provides you with a solid grounding in the design, construction and management of civil engineering works and equip you with the technical knowledge, communication skills and ability to operate as a civil engineer within the construction industry. Graduates will not only be multi-talented but also versatile in nature.

Civil engineering is a branch of knowledge that deals with the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of structure and infra-structures for the benefit of mankind. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and, therefore, one of the most popular.


  • STPM - Minimum 2 Principal Passes (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • A-Level - Minimum 2 Principal Passes (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • UEC - Minimum 5Bs (Including Mathematics & Physics/Chemistry)

  • Diploma - Minimum CGPA of 2.00

  • Matriculation / Foundation - Minimum CGPA 2.00

  • Other Qualifications - Any other qualifications recognized equivalent

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