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A Certificate programme is a course that is a level below a diploma programme and enables students who have received only 1-2 credits in SPM to further their studies.

The programme provides students with the fundamental knowledge and practical and industry-specific skills in fields such as automotive technology, business, computer science, culinary arts and hotel operations.

The course is usually 12-18 months long and you can enter the programme immediately after SPM.

Upon successful completion, you can enrol in a diploma programme which can be used to enter the workforce. Alternatively, with a diploma, you can also fast track into Year 2 of a degree.

Why should you take a Certificate course?

(1) Low entry requirements

If your SPM results are disappointing, all hope is not lost! Certificate courses only demand a minimum of 1 credit in SPM. However, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for course-specific entry requirements as some colleges may require a pass in English.

(2) Lays the foundation for your higher education

A Certificate course lays the foundation for the subjects you will be learning in your diploma and degree programmes immediately after SPM. This means that you should be well-versed with the niches of your industry by the time you begin your undergraduate programme.

(3) Learn industry-specific skills

A Certificate programme is meant to arm you with the basic knowledge and technical know-how for the industry of your choice. This is especially relevant to careers that require specific skills and a hands-on approach, such as automotive technology and hotel operations.

Certificate Course is suited for:

(1) Students who only have 1-2 Credits for SPM with a pass in Bahasa Melayu & Sejarah

(2) Students who are certain about the course to pursue at a diploma level

Certificate Course is not suited for:

(1) Students who have 3 Credits and above in SPM

(2) Students who are uncertain about the course to pursue

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