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A Levels is a pre-university programme in Malaysia that’s based on the UK education system. You can think of it as the UK’s STPM. Also known as GCE Advanced Level, it prepares you for a university degree through in-depth study of several subjects.

The A Levels in Malaysia is administered by 2 examination boards — the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Edexcel. Most colleges in Malaysia offer the A Levels from the Cambridge board.

A Levels is 100% exam-based, so you’re pretty much reliving your SPM days. But unlike SPM where students usually take 9 subjects, you only need to take a minimum of 2 – 3 subjects.

After studying A Levels, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge on your chosen subjects. The independent and logical thinking you were taught throughout your studies will help you present reasoned explanations in an intelligent manner, preparing you for a relatively easier university life.

Why study A-Levels?

(1) A Levels is widely recognised by many top universities worldwide

A Levels is well-known as the gold standard of pre-university courses and is accepted by many top universities around the world. While it is generally the go-to programme if you wish to study in the UK, it is also accepted by many other countries, including Australia, USA, Canada and Singapore.

(2) It keeps your options open

Foundation programmes may limit you to certain degrees at certain universities as the programme prepares you for advanced study in the field you’ve chosen. A Levels, on the other hand, allows you to pursue a wide range of degrees upon successful completion. This is especially great if you’re not sure what degree to study yet!

(3) It gives you deep knowledge in your chosen subjects

Instead of having to juggle 5 or 6 subjects such as in other pre-university programmes, A Levels allows you to focus on only a few subjects and gain in-depth knowledge in your chosen subjects. This is great for those who are passionate about a few subjects and want to dive straight in.

(4) There is a wide range of A Levels resources available

The internet is your oyster if you’re an A Levels student, as materials such as past year papers, marking schemes and revision questions are readily available everywhere. Your college will also supplement you with sufficient resources to ace your exam.

Pro Tip: Choosing Maths and Science subjects will not only allow you to study Science Degrees but also Business, Law, Communication Computer Science Degrees among others.


Certain A Levels subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Mathematics, have subject prerequisites that you need to fulfil. This means you need to have studied and achieved the minimum required grades for the relevant subjects at SPM level in order to take these subjects in A Levels.

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